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Every young person should be given the opportunity to spend time abroad. Nowhere else do you learn better how to master unknown situations, become more open, become actively involved and trust in yourself - not to mention the first-class opportunities to practice foreign languages, get to know other cultures and dare to take a bold look beyond your own nose.

For young people in Saxony-Anhalt, there are numerous low-cost or free opportunities for learning experiences abroad: from international internships, to youth exchanges, to European voluntary services. Not exactly easy to keep track of and find out what suits you.

GOEUROPE! provides comprehensive and up-to-date information and consulting on EU learning mobilities and funding opportunities in the youth sector for young people, multipliers, youth associations, clubs, public agencies and municipalities.

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Our topics

Volunteering abroad

Help, get out, learn

Volunteering abroad allows young people to get involved in community service projects and gain valuable hands-on experience while improving their intercultural skills

Youth meetings and workshops

Getting to know & trying out

Youth encounters and workshops promote intercultural exchange and cooperation between young people from different countries, allowing them to learn about new perspectives and make friends

Study abroad

Studying abroad

Studying abroad or spending a semester abroad in a national program of study can provide a unique opportunity to learn about a new culture, develop foreign language skills, and gain professional qualifications at the same time.

Education and training abroad

Erasmus+ and ESK

Education and training abroad offer the chance to acquire new skills, knowledge and professional perspectives that can be invaluable in professional life

Internships abroad

It's not just good for your resume

Internships abroad allow young people to gain hands-on experience in an international work environment and improve their language and intercultural skills

Working abroad

Traveling & Tackling

Working abroad offers the opportunity to learn new ways and fields of work, gain a variety of skills, and acquire language and intercultural competencies along the way

School stay and student exchange

Possible from ten days of stay

A school stay abroad is the ideal opportunity for students to learn about a new culture, improve their language skills, and develop intercultural competencies


Caring & Getting to know new things

Au-pair stays offer young people the opportunity to experience a foreign culture firsthand while gaining childcare experience

Language courses

Intensive training for your foreign language

Language courses abroad offer the opportunity to learn a new language in an authentic environment while also developing intercultural skills

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You already have plans or ideas about where you want to go, but you still have detailed questions about financing, funding opportunities or EU programs? Find the right contact person in our team.

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You want to get general information about your possibilities for a stay abroad? The best thing is to write us an email and we arrange an appointment.

Online, by phone or on-site with us - just as it suits you.

Contact for professionals

You work in an educational institution, public authority or similar organization and have questions about funding opportunities or mobility programs?

We are happy to answer your questions!

How GOEUROPE works!

Unser Auftrag
Increase employability

For the competitiveness of Saxony-Anhalt

In addition to needs-oriented counseling, concrete offers are made by the project partners to young people from Saxony-Anhalt. Here GOEUROPE! pursues the goal of increasing the employability of young people from Saxony-Anhalt through the skills acquired during learning mobilities. The mobility of young people is important to improve professional and social integration, to promote a sense of belonging to Europe and to increase the competitiveness of Saxony-Anhalt.

This area of work is of great importance, as European youth mobility is one of the ways to strengthen job-related competencies of young people.

Targeted information and personalized advice

For a European sense of community

Through our EU project days and the presence of our information and advice stand at trade fairs and other information events, a large number of individual consultations can be carried out for students, teachers and multipliers. An essential part of these consultations is, in addition to the personal conversation, the targeted, interest-oriented transfer of special offers.

Eurodesk is a European youth information network with national coordination offices in 36 countries and more than 1,000 additional regional service offices. GOEUROPE! is the regional service office of Eurodesk in Saxony-Anhalt.

How Eurodesk works

Target group and mission

  • Eurodesk informs young people about stays abroad in Europe and worldwide
  • Professionals working with young people receive information about national and European funding programs
  • The information and advice is free, neutral and interagency

Eurodesk Germany in Bonn works with over 45 regional and local partners in all German states. Eurodesk Germany is funded by the EU program Erasmus+ and by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

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