? In the last two weeks of November, we once again welcomed 15 Polish trainees to EJBM. The cook apprentices ?‍? ?‍? spent two weeks as an internship abroad supporting our staff in the kitchen and, on an excursion, the canteen staff in the Saxony-Anhalt state parliament, where they learnt a lot about working as a cook. 

The tourism specialist trainees spent days working in various hotels and travel agencies in Magdeburg and were able to find out where they would like to focus their training in the future.

We organised a supporting programme for the whole group at the EJBM, including a Just Dance evening, casino night and a visit to the Magdeburg Lichterwelt.

Many thanks to our partner organisation FAVEO for the trustful exchange and EuropAktiv for the support with the group of prospective tourism professionals.

This activity is funded by the Polish National Agency as part of the ERASMUS+ programme.